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As Director of Warner Bros., Corporate Archive Operations, Bonnie is responsible for what might be the world's greatest collection of movie memorabilia.

Author of The Film Crew of Hollywood, Jim's candid photographs of celebrities, taken during his career as a grip, are truly unforgettable.

An inspiring story of determination, courage, and chutzpah.

Spend some quality time with the delightful star of NBC's hit comedy, "Community".

Come visit the Motion Picture Television Fund's pioneering mobile health clinic, of which we're a proud sponsor.

  • “The moment I start to think that there’s something magically delicious about me, I believe that will be the moment the universe says, well, your time has been fun, but you’ll no longer advance in this career.”

    — Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress, Star of "Community"

  • “The first time I heard an actor perform the dialogue that I had written, bringing the words to life, I thought, 'this is freakin' amazing. It's such a high.”

    — Christie Cole, Coordinator the SVP Production, ABC Studios

  • “When I stopped being concerned what other people thought of me, my entire life changed.”

    — Shawn Crosby, Thaumaturgist

  • “I approach it as music and then the heart that I play with is the heart of a servant. I go to Diana Ross or Quincy Jones or Lionel Richie and I say, ‘What can I do with my instrument to help you achieve what you want to do with your song?’ ”

    — Abraham Laboriel, Sr., one of the greatest session bassists of our time.

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